Nature Deserves Protection in Law


There is, says David Boyd, a global legal revolution underway. This revolution has the potential to reduce the harm suffered by animals, stop human-caused species extinction, and protect the planet’s life-support systems. But to achieve these objectives countries must establish new rights and responsibilities – rights for non-human animals, other species, and ecosystems, and responsibilities for humans.

While recognizing that the state of the environment is dire, in The Rights of Nature (2017) Boyd provides inspiring examples of progress. Boyd describes how the human right to a healthy environment is now entrenched in law in over 150 countries; as well, several nations have passed laws giving nature protection in law and many countries are exploring the concept of giving aspects of nature legal protection. Canada, unfortunately, has not taken any of this kind of action.

The HPP highly recommends that everyone read this book and that we in Canada push for the kind of revolutionary legal change Boyd describes.