The earth is a dynamic living system which is home to a vast array of species, many of which have declined dramatically over the past several years. This decline is due in great part to the loss of habitat.

In order to avoid further degradation of nature and protect the diversity of life, we must protect the wide variety of habitats which cover the earth.  We at the Habitat Protection Project believe this goal to be paramount.

All Creatures Need A Healthy Habitat In Which To Live And Thrive

Habitat loss due to urbanization, agriculture, pipelines, and roads threatens the survival of creatures around the world.  Without the forests, oceans, marshes, lakes, and other habitats, the miraculous diversity of life on this planet will continue to suffer and die at alarming rates.

The mission of the Habitat Protection Project is to give people concerned about habitat loss place to voice their concerns.  We will research the issue, decide on the best way to proceed and take action.  Having the direction and support of the HPP community can make all the difference.